The power of community – WordCamp Poland 2015

Almost a week ago (12-13 September with Contributor Day on the 14th) we had pleasure to co-organise the biggest WordPress event in Poland.  If You believe the opinions that reached us so far this year’s edition was not only largest but also the best.

So far hosts of subsequent WordCamps were selected in quite unusual way. I.e. the cities were competing for organisation in advance. Cracow edition was set back in 2013 at Wroclaw WordCamp. Since then we were gathering experience by organising WordUp’s – small local meetings. Our community grew to the point that we had up to 80 people meeting at once.

In the meantime WordUp’s in other cities started to show up as well and a group of potential attendees of WordCamp was growing larger.

WordPress is not just blogs anymore

We  (hello! team) as well as Marcin Wolak (head of this year’s WordCamp) use WordPress for large projects in our daily work, helping to build web image of large brands. Since beginning we were focusing on showing business use of WordPress CMS. That’s the reason we picked such impressive location in centre of Kraków – ICE Congress Centre. That’s why we created enterprise and case study paths. We also wanted to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of basic target groups which are bloggers and developers. Those are the reasons behind six paths of this year’s WordCamp lectures. We spent many evenings picking best speakers and topics to gather a group of highly competent and communicative people.



WordCamp Poland 2015 team consisted of 10 organisers and 6 volunteers. Each of us is using WordPress in different way, maybe that’s the reason why we could easily feel the needs of different groups of conference attendees and create best possible atmosphere to learn for them.

The distribution of tasks was definitely the strong point of our team. We split into few small teams that dealt with part of work that they knew best.  But we obviously didn’t shut ourselves in those small teams and whenever situation called for it we worked as one team still most of the time focusing on our specialties.

The main opportunity to join our forces was when we started to work on the site of conference. Here also special thanks to our volunteers. Thanks to such a large group of us we were able to serve over 300 attendees. Yes, there were minor stumbles but we all agree that all went exceptionally smoothly.


Positive vibes

Story that You are reading now is different from usual conference coverages. As organiser I can’t really be objective in judging our work. I’d like to write about one very important topic though. What I noticed most is the amazing atmosphere of WordCamp conferences. You can get it while being a “regular” attendee or speaker but I feel that from the organiser point of view it’s gaining extra strength. I’m talking about a community that closely cooperates.

Communities from different cities support each other online (social media, mailing groups, forums), on WordUp’s, and once a year when we all meet. People form the other end of Poland selflessly come to help organising each edition. Some of us regularly act as volunteers and organisers. All of this is amazing and most of all honest, and even if competitive spirit shows it’s always healthy and creative. In the end we all work on WordPress growth and development and we build a market around it, which each of us will use in their own way. That thought is also what Kel Santiago gave us in opening lecture of this WordCamp.



Big thanks!!!

At the end I’d like to thank all:

  • organisers and volunteers for a well done job
  • sponsors – for their help in making this courageous plan happen
  • speakers – for their constant sharing of knowledge and experience
  • attendees – because without You there would be no us 🙂

Next WordCamp will be hosted in Gdynia, I’m sure their team with Gaja in the lead will do a great job. Remember we are always happy to help!



All amazing pictures posted here were taken by irreplacable Wojtek Równanek.